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I haven't gotten my order yet
 use our Contact Us page & send us the name on the shipping address, and we can let you know if its been shipped or not

Q: How long is shipping usually?
Shipping within the US takes 7 business days. Outside the US can take 2 / 3 weeks usually

Q: OOPS I ordered / received the wrong size :(
A: Not an issue, as long as the shirt is unworn / unwashed, ship it back to us and we'll exchange the shirt for the right size, free of charge :D

Q: Do shirts really come with free skittles?
A: Yes. We take our skittles policy very srsly.

Q: Can I model / Be sponsored by ToastyCo. Clothing?
A: Maybe! We're not currently looking for models, but if you send a portfolio to our contact email, we might accept you. We are always looking to sponsor people, however. Be sure to contact us through this page.

If any of your questions aren't answered above, feel free to email us via our contact tab.